Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you may have questions regarding Cyberia.
So, we have prepared answers to some questions that we think you may ask. 😉


What is Cyberia

Cyberia Camp is an annual event organized by NUSSU Committee of Information and Technology (commIT). The aim of this 3-day camp is to impart valuable IT skills (e.g. graphic design & editing) to the participants in an interactive and informative camp setting.

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What can I expect from Cyberia?

You will walk out with newfound Photoshop skill and certification for it, a new group of friends with common interests of art, and possibly the coveted Photoshop competition prizes.
Participants will learn Beginner and Intermediate Photoshop skills and their practical applications through rigorous training by professional Adobe-certified trainers and our select NUSSU commIT trainers. At the same time, participants can bond with people of the same keen interest through our fun games, some incorporating the Photoshop skills they have learnt. At the end of the camp, a Photoshop competition is held with attractive prizes to be won.

Should I bring my own laptop?

No need. Computers that have Adobe Photoshop installed are available for use during the camp period.

Can I use my own laptop?

Yes, as long as you have the required software installed in your computer i.e. Adobe Photoshop CS6 and above.

What will be covered during the training?

The training of Cyberia is catered towards students who have little to no experience in Photoshop. Hence it will cover the usage of basic tools in photoshop, such as selection tools and concept of layers, up until intermediate tools and technique such as masking, filters, etc. Working with Acadia and their vastly experienced trainer Ricky, he would also share tips and tricks in Photoshop that will make your Photoshop introductory learning fun and effective.

Who are the trainers?

Day trainings will be conducted by professional Adobe-certified trainers from Acadia Training Pte Ltd and night trainings will be conducted by our select NUSSU commIT trainers.

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I have signed up, but I suddenly realised I cannot make it. Can I get my money back?

This will be handled on case by case basis. Please contact for further information.

I couldn’t make it for the whole 3 days. Is it ok?

It's okay. However, you will not get any refunds for the days that you missed.

Is there any accommodation provided?

Yes! We are providing accommodation in campus. The accomodation fee is already included in the camp fee.

Is the accommodation compulsory?

No. The accommodation is not compulsory if you have to leave at night. However, we highly recommend that you stay in the accommodation that we have provided so that you can interact with your fellow camp mates better.
Please also note that there will not be any deduction in camp fee if you decided not stay in campus and please be punctual for the day training as well.

Is there any certification to prove that I have been equipped with Photoshop skills?

Yes! As long as you have registered and made payment successfully, there will be a certificate for you provided by the certified training company.

What is NUSSU commIT?

NUSSU commIT is a CCA under NUSSU welfare wing which provide IT and software training services for NUS students.
Each semester, NUSSU commIT provides various workshops such as Excel, Adobe Photoshop and Web Design. NUSSU commIT also organized two major project, Cyberia Camp and ChariTeach. We are also in charge of handling two PC clusters and printing centre in NUS, namely the Central Library PC Cluster and YIH NUSSU commIT Centre. We offer both printing and scanning services but do not provide photocopy services.

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What will happen to my personal data that I submitted to Cyberia?

As we recognise your rights as an individual to protect your personal data, we follow strictly the guidelines stated in the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (PDPA) of Singapore in regards of the handling of your personal data.

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