Cyberia Camp 2017

The Case of the Century

Why Join Cyberia?

Adobe Photoshop Skills

Learn to create and modify images with the most in-demand photo-editing software program!

Adobe-Certified Trainers

Our professional trainers will teach you Beginner & Intermediate Photoshop Skills, as well as their practical applications.

Photoshop Competition

Put the skills you've learnt into practice with the Photoshop competition held at the end of the camp.

Fun Games

Bond with your friends outside of lessons through the various games we have prepared!

Attractive Prizes

You might just be able to win the coveted Photoshop compeition prizes, on top of your newfound Photoshop skills and a certificate!

No Experience Required

Have never opened Photoshop before? Used Photoshop previously, but want to learn more? We welcome everybody, regardless of skill level!

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The Case

Of The


A celebrated scientist is on a mission to destroy this world.

The world he hated so much.

However, nobody knew about his plans...until now.

What is worrying is the fact that he made plans to actualise his mission, even in his absence.

You have just heard this shocking piece of news from your Detective Head. Time is running out.

Together with a team, solve the mystery and stop the evil plans before the fateful day which ends the world.

To do that, YOU need to find Cyberia, the diary of that celebrated scientist…

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